Everett D. Wilson

Cover Design/Illustration: linocut, 2012. Click image to see feature in 'The Linosaurus'.
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Cover Design/Illustration watercolor/digital drawing 2013
Last Edited February 13, 2017
Film Art Plus

A thoughtful, intelligent and literary look at the mixed bag of life. Double-Ought Buck tells an unforgettable love story against the backdrop of a thrilling adventure.

Client- Don E. Webster. Publisher- CreateSpace, 2014

This duck hunter knows how to tell a story! From a young boy shivering in the rain on his first hunt, all the way to suffering the loss of lifelong pals, the author embraces almost 60 years of waterfowling.

Client- Don E. Webster Publisher- Outskirts Press, 2012.

Book Covers
Film Work
In addition to the cover art, the book is illustrated with twenty-one original linocuts.

Bears, Beer, Trout Tacos, Etc. compiles the author's columns and stories into one entertaining, hilarious volume of one man's observations about adventures in the greater outdoors.

Client- Don E. Webster, published by CreateSpace 2015

Cover Illustration by Isabella Langaman, Cover Design: Everett D. Wilson

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