Everett D. Wilson
Contact: studio@camaradodesigns.com
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Film Art Plus
Everett Wilson
Books & Covers
'Drunken Boat with Maelstrom', pastel/digital on paper, 2006
Film Work
'The Party (198 Bowery, NYC)', pencil/acrylic on paper, 1976, private collection
'NYC Subway Ride', pencil, collage & acrylic on paper, 1976, private collection
'A Season in Hell (for A.R.)' pastel on paper, 1989
''Mystic Waders' Linocut/digital print, 2012 cover image for 'Bury Me In My Waders" book.
'Drunken Boat with Maelstrom', linocut, proof w/ watercolor, 2017
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